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Community Faith Outreach was established in 2005, after a group of like-minded people came together consistently to address issues of mutual concern in the Bi-Counties of Palm Beach & Broward. It became clear, we could do more together than each of us could do separately as an entity of change. As a result, we formalized as a volunteer organization in 2007, begin to connect with the less fortunate and other grassroots agencies with the same goals.

The vision of Community Faith Outreach is to incrementally connect with people who has mutual passions, with a willingness to engage disadvantaged groups through relationship building, fostering alliances and demonstrate a commitment to genuine team work. As a result, we partnered with Jesus Is Life, Teach the World to Fish, Emmanuel Child Development Center, the local medical center and other community minded grassroots organizations that are committed to make a tangible difference in the surrounding areas. In addition, we continue to formulate partnerships with churches, farms, medical & other community organizations.

Since 2010 we have partnered with Chick-fil-A to strengthen marriages, with Emmanuel Children Center to provide the 1st funded Community Therapeutic Garden for kids & families in PBC. Jesus Is Life (JIL) in collaboration with us & the Community Voice Program, which focuses on reduced infant mortality in the African American Communities, we provided training on the harmful effects of domestic violence & substance use on the health of babies under 1-year. We joined efforts with Palm Beach County (PBC) Cooperative Feeding Food & Nutrition Program.

In 2011, Community Faith partnered with Emmanuel Child Development Center to provide the first funded Community Aroma Therapeutic Gardens for children & families in Palm Beach County. The project was a smashing success which stimulated parent involvement, teacher led activities, and the outcome resulted in children notably calmer as demonstrated both at home & at school with an increased interest in container gardening.

In 2012, we partnered with Changing Places to launch the Women's Issues Support Group, which continues to meet on a monthly basis in the central area of Palm Beach County. These groups address self-esteem, relationships, financial literacy, women's health and spirituality amongst other pertinent topics.

Community Faith was funded in 2013 for It'sSustainable: Operation Garbage 2 Garden Groceries in collaboration with Teach the World to Fish, Inc. to establish the first Community Sustainable Urban Gardening Program through various non-traditional methods for at-risk, low-income families with an opportunity to take charge of their personal health.

In 2014 we launched Healthy Eating on the Go! Funded with Teach the World to Fish, to establish the 1st Community Sustainable Urban Gardening Program for at-risk, low-income families with an opportunity to take charge of their personal health. In tandem with JIL who provided the multi-purpose facilities for classes, storage & cooking. The Quantum Foundation assisted the launch of Cooking Healthy Meals on the Go! To serve the surrounding communities of Palm Beach County. This was the year we increased our efforts with the Community Life Food Bank one of our partners that has donated the space and facilities to conduct this project.

On April 18, 2015 - we partnered with Farm Share (Florida’s largest distributor of donated fresh produce) to distribute food to 1000 plus people in Riviera Beach after the Interfaith Prayer Walk. These collaborative services are routinely available throughout Palm Beach County as essential elements of our mission activities and funded by donations and grants. 

In 2016 we were funded through the Neighborhood Beautification Project to install the first Front Yard Butterfly Gardens in western Palm Beach County.

In 2017, Community Faith received funding to expand the Front Yard Gardening Project to include a community garden, increased literacy with Little Libraries outreach to youth and their families. We also collaborated with the Lantana Road Library to host the monthly Seed, Seedling & Plant Xchange, which continues the 2nd Saturday of each month.

In 2018, we received funding to continue Indian Pines Community Garden expansion, to outreach within the development and foster relationships with neighborhood cookouts to celebrate cultural diversity, gather recipes for the community cookbook printing and promote other activities that stimulates neighborhood pride.

February 14, 2018 we joined forces with Emmanuel Deliverance Church, Palm Beach County Food Bank and Palm Beach Harvest to launch the Emmanuel Community Food Co-Op. Food distributed on Wednesdays & Hot Meals Served on Fridays.

On November 12, 2018 – collaborated with Palm Beach County, the Quantum Foundation and a host of community partners to install the first Veterans Community Micro-Farm Project in Palm Beach County.

In 2019 the 1st Community Seed Saving Bank will preserve & swap seeds from community gardens in collaboration with the Palm Beach County Lantana Branch Library to properly store the seeds harvested.

Veterans Community Micro-Farm Events:
  • Veterans Day 2020 Community Day of Service
  • Holiday at the Micro-Farm
Lantana Homes Community Garden Expansion will install a Test Pilot Produce Pantry within the  Indian Pines Development to increase distribution of the Garden Produce Harvested.
Veterans Community Micro-Farm Health Expansion Project can accommodate up to 25-families who can  apply the practical principles of food security & sustainability while working in the garden.

Affordable Housing Resources

Affordable Housing resources are income based with priorities given to the low, very low and moderate income individuals such as homeless families, the elderly, and others based on the federal poverty guidelines and previous year’s W-2.

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Information & Referral Services

Information & Referral assistance ensures accurate information is offered to the individuals to link with the appropriate resources. It is our intent to provide the most up-to-date beneficial facts available through local and national databases.

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Employment Preparation

The Employment Preparation activities provides job readiness strategies, professional websites, job fair updates, current career prospects and resume building/review.

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Master Gardener/Urban Farmer

We are looking for volunteers who would enjoy working with the Master Gardener/Urban Farmer on naturally grown food sustainability strategies for the Veterans Community Micro-Farm and Family Container Plot Program.

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Last Year We supported 3,000 families in the dual-county area!

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Here is our wish list - click the button to contact us about donating any of the items on our wish list.

  • Donated farmland or properties to grow healthy nutritious food
  • Equipment i.e. shed, gardening tools
  • Seeds/Seedlings
  • Pots/containers
  • Pick-up truck and Van
  • Washing station for harvesting the produce
  • Refrigerated Coolers for Food Distribution
  • Baskets, recyclable shopping bags to pack the food in to be distributed
  • Garden supplies i.e. quality soil, pine bark &/or fruit mulch
  • Storage pod for supplies & other donated items for the less fortunate

Donating to the mission and vision of Community Faith Outreach Ministries has never been easier.

CFO is an IRS - 501(c)3 Designated Charitable Organization.  Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Solicitation of Contribution Registration Number# CH29855